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Legal page now includes OCR versions of

documents of particular interest to shareholders

I’ve collected some of the pertinent filings and some

research for  a    Request for  Trustee and Examiner to

Oversee Sales of IP and Property:

Objection to sale of  Merlin and Request for Appointment.doc

Objection to sale of  Merlin and Request for Appointment.pdf

I will be filing a more detailed objection with exhibits and technical arguments.    If  you wish to contribute to either document please contact Admin@GTAT-shareholders.com.  If you wish to contribute to the detailed argument please give your full identity and use a non-generic email address to

Important downloads -

Trustee moves to have transcript and exhibit unsealed, important because shareholders DO have a right to know:

Here is the audio of the 10/16/15 Hearing

CD of 10/16/2015 Hearing

I promised to share the audio of the 8/27/15 hearing.

At this time downloading a  .zip of the CD is all I can offer.

GTAT Hearing Transcript August 27, 2015.pdf

CD of 8/27/2015 Hearing

There are instructions that should be read, but I recommend that you download this program as my media player didn’t work.


I also encourage anyone who thinks they might have  skills that would benefit the Equity Committee or opinions

on who or who should not serve  to contact the Trustee’s office.

Here are the addresses:




Thanks for being here,